target your drug to the lung with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency 

Collaborators and licensors can now access the same market-equivalent devices that are fundamental to the development of our own portfolio of inhaled drug/device combination products for critical care.

We enable partners to develop cutting-edge inhaled therapies, and may also consider in-licensing the most promising candidates for further development at our own expense.

Drug delivery partnerships

Aerogen Pharma’s proprietary PDAP delivery system offers unmatched performance and user convenience for aerosol delivery to patients via life support ventilators and non-invasive respiratory equipment. We welcome development partnerships with innovator companies seeking to access this platform, including customized device iterations, for delivery of NCEs, NBEs and certain categories of generic therapeutics. Aerogen Pharma technology can ensure that your drug candidate is delivered to the lungs of your target patient population with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, reducing dose-to-dose and inter-patient variability and reducing consumption and wastage of expensive APIs. We offer flexible terms of business, including options to minimize investment outlay during clinical development.

Inhaled drug development

Aerogen Pharma has specialist knowledge and capabilities pertaining to the development of liquid formulations for nebulised delivery. As part of a development program targeting patients in a hospital setting, we offer consulting and advisory services in the areas of aerosol delivery with assisted ventilation and respiratory care, and the regulatory, CMC and clinical aspects of inhaled drug development. We can also conduct as a service the mandated characterization testing necessary to support regulatory filings and clinical campaigns for liquid aerosol formulations across major global markets.

Commercial hospital nebuliser systems

Our sister company Aerogen Limited, also part of the Aerogen Group, is the global market leader in high performance aerosol drug delivery, reaching over 16 million patients in 75 different countries with an international reputation for premium product quality, performance and reliability. These widely approved devices can provide potential Aerogen Pharma development partners with convenient, rapidly deployable tools for preclinical and early clinical investigation in preparation for development with the more advanced Aerogen Pharma system for acute and critical care applications.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Aerogen Pharma is working in partnership with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to bring the benefits of life saving surfactant therapy to babies born prematurely in Low and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).

Striving to develop an EFFICIENT, SAFE, FEASIBLE and COST-EFFECTIVE surfactant treatment option for preterm infants in LMICs.

Every year around the world, an estimated 1.4 million neonates develop Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), with two-thirds occurring in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) where access to intensive care facilities is limited1,2RDS is the leading cause of death among preterm infants in LMICs, with fatality rates reported to range from 57% to 89%3. Although pulmonary surfactant was added to the WHO Essential Drug List in 2008, access to this gold standard treatment for RDS is limited in LMICs by high drug costs, lack of personnel trained to administer surfactant, and shortage of the sophisticated medical equipment necessary to enable invasive mechanical ventilation and endotracheal instillation. One bright spot is that non-invasive CPAP ventilation is becoming more available in many LMICs as the primary mode of managing RDS4. It is our belief that a surfactant delivered through CPAP ventilation has an important role to play in expanding the benefits of surfactant replacement therapy to a wider population.

As a natural extension of their drive to make CPAP more readily available in the countries where they operate, BMGF has partnered with Aerogen Pharma to develop Efficient, Safe, Feasible and Cost-Effective surfactant treatment for preterm infants in LMICs. Our shared goal is to see fewer families touched by the tragedy of infant mortality, and more preterm babies survive to enjoy full and productive lives.

Joint Program 1

AeroFact™ Proof-of-Concept Clinical Study in South Africa BMGF is supporting Aerogen Pharma in the conduct of a 232-patient clinical trial of our AeroFact™ inhaled surfactant in South Africa. This study began in April 2023 at three major Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Cape Town & Johannesburg. The enrollment of the first patients took place in May 2023Our goal for this study is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of aerosolized surfactant in the South African clinical and public health environment, since it is unwise to assume that clinical advances can be shifted from a high income setting to a LMIC setting without thoughtful adaptation. For more information on this trial, please see the study entry into the registry of the South African Health Products Regulatory Agency.

Nuance Pharma

Nuance is a clinical-stage biopharma company with a late-stage clinical pipeline and a portfolio of commercialized assets across respiratory, emergency care, iron deficiency anemia and pain management indications. With the mission to address critical unmet needs in Asia Pacific, Nuance deploys the Dual Wheel model that develops a leading innovative pipeline, while maintaining a self-sustainable commercial operation in China and Asia. For more information, please visit

Aerogen Pharma Enters into Exclusive Agreements with Nuance Pharma to Advance Treatment of Respiratory.

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